Meditation Counselling Services

Individual:  One on one sessions in my Campbell River office or sessions by phone, Skype, or FaceTime from anywhere.

Couples:  Start out with one on one sessions for each of you and then come together as a couple and learn how to communicate and be heard in order to live a loving and fulfilling relationship.

Children: I didn't intend it, but the universe seems to be sending me a lot of children and young adults.  They seem to be comfortable with me and I enjoy working with them.  So, it's a win-win!!

Guided Outcomes:  

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Increase your sense of well-being

- Increase your connectedness and empathy

- Improve focus and cognition

- Improve and enrich relationships

- Become more creative and improve your memory

- Make decisions quicker and easier.

- Overcome addictions

- Find "flow"

- Reduce emotional pain

- Move toward enlightenment

- Love and believe in yourself

- Honour and respect yourself

- Ground your energy, build self confidence and self esteem

- Let go of guilt, blame, fear, anger

- Release old programs and patterns

- Forgiveness and self love

- Communication

- Chronic pain management 

- Eliminate complaining

- Quit smoking or drinking

- Studying and mentorship

- Learn to live again after the loss of a loved one

Tarot Card Readings

Would you like to gain some insight into the past, present or future?  Make an appointment and lets have a look.